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Lady Gaga Plans To Start A Family In The Next Year

If reports are true, it seems that Lady Gaga is ready to settle down and start a family with boyfriend Taylor Kinney… in the next year or so!

Mother Monster has been dating the ‘Vampire Diaries’ star since September and has apparently told relatives that the pair are ready to start a family. Taylor’s aunt Kathryn Loh told the Daily Star Sunday:

“There’s no doubt he loves her and she loves him. Now everyone’s met her, we love her too! They are perfect together… I’m so glad we got to meet the woman behind all the make-up and the outfits. She’s very well-spoken and down-to-earth. She’s basic – a sweet, normal, healthy person.”

Why are you shattering all of our illusions, woman?! Don’t you know that we love Lady Gaga for being ultra-wacky and off-the-wall? Yiesh.

A source has also come forward to confirm just how very broody the ‘Poker Face’ star has got:

“She’s already doodling baby names on scraps of paper. She’s been bragging about how beautiful their children will be because Taylor is so handsome… She wants everything with him – love, marriage and a family. But she’s set on becoming a mother before they think about anything else and she’s talking about giving birth in the next year.”

We wonder if she’s going to ask her friend Beyonce for any baby advice? We know she’s already been spoiling little Blue Ivy with gifts; the kooky singer presented her ‘Telephone’ buddy with a onesie emblazoned with the phrase “Little Monster” in pink diamante… along with a note instructing Blue Ivy to wear it to her first Lady Gaga concert!

Obviously the music world has gone and got baby fever…

Do you think Baby Gaga will hatch out of an egg too?

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Move over Madonna, get out of the way Lady Gaga: Cher is joining you on the road this year, and the world stage may not be big enough to support three divas.

cher2.jpgFILE PHOTOCher, shown here in a file photo, has confirmed via Twitter plans for a new tour to begin in September in Kansas.

Our Lady of Perpetual Comebacks, 65 years young, has confirmed that she is taking her act on tour beginning in Kansas in September.

She started making records when vinyl was king, survived the 8-Track era, coasted through the age of cassette tapes, delivered more hits on compact disc and has gracefully entered the digital age, teasing her tour plans on Twitter Thursday night.


Then, after turning the caps lock off on her keyboard — she posts her own tweets, unfiltered and unedited — Cher took some deep breaths and continued:

“No (bleep) im shaking! The whole set/look chamges (sic) 4 every song! I mean COMPLETING (sic) CHANGES! …”

In the past 12 months or more, Cher has told her half a million Twitter followers that she is working on a new album, which the tour will support, and has recorded a duet of “The Greatest Thing” with Lady Gaga that will be included on the collection.

Also expected among the new tour’s set list will be songs from 2010’s “Burlesque,” a musical film she made with Christina Aguilera. (Watch Cher’s video for the omen-like song “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me” from the movie below.)

Madonna, 53, is also embarking on a big tour this year, with a Halloween weekend stop in New Orleans.

Gaga, 25, is hitting the road on a massive “Born This Way” tour, but the dates announced so far have all been overseas.

Cher’s last outing, the so-called “Farewell Tour,” went on for two years and brought her to New Orleans twice. 


PRN 069420 e1330099526113 231x300 Lady Gagas Plans For 2012: Marriage And a Baby! Lady Gaga wants marriage and a baby in 2012.

The day we thought would never come has finally arrived. Lady Gaga is ready to become a mother monster!

The pop star has been happily dating Vampire Diaries star Taylor Kinney for quite some time – enough time to make her want marriage and baby within the next year!

“For the first time in her life, Gaga has babies on the brain,” a source of Star magazine says. “Gaga knows that Taylor is The One, and she wants children with him as soon as possible.”

Adds the insider, “She’s told her friends and family that it’s going to happen within a year. She’s been thinking of baby names, but is keeping them a secret. And she brags to everyone about how beautiful their children will be because Taylor is so gorgeous.”

What do you think? Is Lady Gaga ready to become a mother?

 Lady Gagas Plans For 2012: Marriage And a Baby!