Lady Gaga Wants To Have A Baby

Posted: March 6, 2012 in Lady Gaga Music
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Lady Gaga is ready to join the Hollywood baby boom, according to this report! Apparently things are going so well with Gaga and ‘Vampire Diaries’ actor Taylor Kinney that the singer wants to start a family with him.

“She wants everything with him – love, marriage and a family. But she’s set on becoming a mother before they think about anything else and she’s talking about giving birth in the next year. You know this is the real deal because she never talked about babies when she was with her long-term ex-boyfriend Luc Carl. With Taylor, that’s all she talks about now.”

Taylor reportedly feels the same way.

“He’s walking on air right now and can’t stop talking about how he’s going to become a dad and settle down. If you have the sort of money they do – especially Gaga – there really isn’t a problem about having a baby out of wedlock these days. They’ll get the chance to see how they adapt to parenthood and – heaven forbid – if things go wrong, there won’t be any ugly divorce and there will never be a problem about supporting the kid.”

I’m surprised to hear this just because Gaga is only 25: I’d have thought she would spend a few more years focused on her career before having a family. Who knows?



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